Copywriting Quick-Tip: Begin with the End

That perfect, grab-'em-by-the-lapels opener that you want for your copy could be hiding at the tail-end of your rough draft. Every copywriting project needs to get airborne some kind of way. You slap down a sentence, follow it with another one, and off you go, gathering height and momentum. Maybe you've noticed, though, that the takeoff isn't always as smooth as the landing. So once you've completed your first pass, take a look at your wrap-up. It just might make a better lead-in than the one you've got. Personal observation: When I'm writing, my brain synthesizes information in a creative process that I won't even try to describe. It usually takes time for me to hit my stride. No surprise, then, that my closing lines frequently turn out to be exactly the engaging, benefit-rich statements that make for a great lead-in. See for yourself. When your opener needs refining, try starting at the finish. (Yeah, right--then you've got to come up with another close, which might make an even better opener than your first close, which is now your new lead-in. This could go on all night. My advice: Take a pill. You'll be okay.)