One Small Stone: The Impact of a Solitary Vocation

I spend much of my day in front of a computer, helping authors refine their writing so the words will speak to readers with clarity and effect. Editing is largely a solitary profession, and it's one I'm well-suited for as an introverted personality. But sometimes it strikes me how alone I am. This morning, though, as I once again sit staring at the screen in solitude, the Lord reminds me that I am having an influence on many lives. I work with some wonderful authors whose books truly live up to the description "life-changing" for countless readers. Here in the quiet, as the early sun streams through the window on this first day of autumn, Jesus reassures me that the way he has designed me has a purpose, and my gift is having an impact for his kingdom. In helping authors fulfill their calling, I fulfill an important part of my own. And that is a joy and a great honor. Our lives are no small thing. A single pebble creates many ripples in the lake, and our tiny splash which only God can see may be felt by many.