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"You're a great asset to us [at Kregel Publications]. I admire your desire to give each project your absolute best; [you] go the extra mile. While editing is difficult, I believe you have an advantage over many other editors—you are such a gifted writer that choosing a better word and enhancing the flow of text is second nature to you. You still have to do the work, but I think you could do it in your sleep."—Steve Barclift, managing editor, Kregel Publications "Bob has been the editor for all three of the books we have published, and we could not have been more pleased with his work. In addition to his topnotch editing skills, Bob has a great heart, is very easy to work with, and truly cares about the people he is working with. One mark of a great editor is the ability to improve an author's writing while maintaining that author's voice. Bob has done this in superb fashion with all of our books, and he will be our first choice as the editor for any of our future publications."—Jerry and Denise Basel, counselors, The Father's Heart Ministries; independent authors, Loving God, Loving Myself and The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself book and participant's guide "I highly recommend Bob Hartig and The CopyFox. I talked with six editors before choosing Bob, and going with him was one of the best decisions I made during the whole book publishing process. Bob is professional and experienced. I accepted almost every one of his editorial suggestions because they made substantial improvements to the final product. Bob has a great command of language, he understands the book world, and he grasped what I wanted to say and helped me to say it better. He is easy to work with, fun, creative, smart, and intuitive. He brings out the best in you. If you are looking for an editor, look no further."Sam Williamson, author, Hearing God in Conversation and Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? "I want to say how appreciative I am of the work done by Bob Hartig. It was such a gift to me—he seemed to truly comprehend what I wrote, sometimes doing a better job of interpreting what I meant to say than I did. By the end of the process, I felt like I had a new, trusted friend. Thank you for assigning him to Take My Hand Again. As you predicted, most of my editing time went to nailing down exact citations, and I'm now feeling fairly confident all is in order. Thanks again to Bob for his meticulous work on the endnotes." —Nancy Brummett, Kregel author, Take My Hand Again: A Faith-Based Guide for Helping Aging Parents "I’ve worked with Bob for over two years now and have found his proofreading and editing abilities to be exceptional. He is diligent and prompt, two things I find to be very important in this line of work. I recommend Bob’s services unreservedly."Janelle DeBlaay, editorial coordinator, CARR and curriculum, Zondervan "Bob has always come back with great insight into the projects we’ve collaborated on. Some people might think that with great attention to detail comes a lag in hitting the deadlines, but not with Bob. He has a way of paying attention to and keeping on schedule. Bob is a man of integrity, and I wholeheartedly recommend him if you are looking for a quality editor or copywriter."Kevin Miles, Heart & Life Publishers "Working with Bob has been a joy. Even though we've never met in person, it has felt like a true friend was handling my writing. Not that he takes it easy on me, but that he takes my writing seriously. His revisions and suggestions have been spot-on. In fact, here is what my friend Clark, a college literature professor, said after looking at the edits of my first book: 'Bob is really good. It's obvious he invested himself in your book, and he was very specific pointing out what you are doing right, which is a hard thing to do (it's easy to point out a writer's flaws).'”Berry Simpson, author, Trail Markers: Life, Leadership, and Leaving a Spiritual Legacy and Remodeled: Stories from a Changed Heart “Bob is an exceptional and talented individual. His way with words is filled with detail and excellence. He understands a well-written piece of work. He is also very easy to work with and is an encouragement to me as well as many others, I am sure. I highly recommend Bob for any projects in which you want to add flair and perfection.”Ashley Willis, former editoral operations assistant, ZonderKidz  


"Again you've written a winner! Thanks so much for the good work you do!"Laura Warsaw, content coordinator and communications, Bethany Christian Services "Bob is the best! The art and craft of a great writer begins by listening, and Bob listens to the entire story before selecting words, phrases, and sentences that create emotion and action in the reader. He is creative, innovative, and concise in his treatment of copy. Bob is also deeply committed, and meticulous about delivering on time and on budget. I highly recommend him for any creative communication or marketing communication needs that you may have.”Michael Cook, former marketing director, Baker Book Group "Bob Hartig is a writer of exceptional clarity, precision, creativity, and passion, having written both advertising and catalog copy for Zondervan. His words are on the backs of countless Zondervan books. Not only is his copy well written, but it is clean and highly polished as well."Bob Hudson, senior editor-at-large, Zondervan "I can enthusiastically recommend Bob Hartig, both professionally and personally. They don't come any better. You can trust his many years of professional experience. He will do what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, with a creativity and thoroughness not easily found."Brian Fowler, owner, DesignTeam "I loved his weekly Friday postings on my old blog, www.waterlandliving.com. My previous real estate business related directly to the Michigan outdoors, and Bob captured the spirit of that perfectly, communicating the essence of Waterland Homes to our unique niche. I recommend Bob to you highly."Dave VanderVeen, publisher, The West Michigan Christian


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