Yes, the CopyFox has a real-life name. I’m Bob Hartig, I live in West Michigan near Grand Rapids, and I’ve been working with words professionally for more than twenty years. I spent my first fourteen of those years as the copy manager for Zondervan Publishing House. Working for the world’s leading evangelical book and Bible publisher was a fantastic experience that allowed me to interact daily with world-class editors and marketers as well as award-winning authors. In 2007 I started my own home-based editorial and writing service, serving a diversity of clients ranging from publishing houses such as Kregel and Zondervan to independent authors. I love the freedom and flexibility The CopyFox affords me, and I strive to ensure that my clients are delighted with the results they get working with me. Besides being the owner of The CopyFox, I’m also a jazz saxophonist and a storm chaser. You can read about both of these interests at my blog site, Stormhorn.com. My book The Giant Steps Scratch Pad helps jazz instrumentalists master Coltrane changes. My video of an EF-4 tornado in southern Indiana was featured, along with a personal interview, in May 2015 on The Weather Channel in the Henryville, Indiana, episode of Tornado Alley. That's me in a nutshell. Now what about you? Email me or give me a call and let's talk about your project.  


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